Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jesus is not to be tricked. He knew what He was born for.

Matthew 26:1-5

Jesus is telling His disciples what is to come:  He is preparing them.  With details.
After two days is the Passover.  
Then the Son of Man will be delivered up to be crucified.

Chief priests and scribes and elders of the people are conspiring together: 
Where? At the palace of the high priest Caiaphas 
What where they plotting?  To Take Jesus away by trickery and kill Him.  
When?  Not during the feast so they wouldn't cause an uproar among the people.  

As the story progresses, it's interesting the two stories on opposite ends of the same up coming event.  
And how those plotting to kill Jesus didn't know the details and plans yet.  But they were going to do it with trickery.  

Was Jesus tricked?  Nope He already knew what was coming.  He knew He was about to be taken, knew it would be during Passover, and He even tells His closest friends that.  

What's also interesting was how much Jesus was preparing His disciples for this, and how when it comes time they all take off.  Like they really weren't listening to what He was trying to tell them.  But He knew what was coming.

He could not be tricked by all the plotting in the world.  This is what He was born to do.  

Two thoughts for application: 

1. We need to listen to Jesus more.  Spend time with Him and really listen to the Holy Spirit speaking into our lives truth of what is to come.  Matching it up with Scripture.  Listening

2. What am I born to do?  What are the plans He has for me.  What is the work in that identity?  Stand strong in it.  Be confident in Christ in being that person.   Even if it means dying to the person you have been.  Think about that.  Pray about it.  Seek Him in it.  


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