Monday, September 30, 2013

Care for those that have need...

Matthew 25:31-46

What we are suppose to be doing now:

Feed those that are hungry 
Give water to those who are thirsty
Take in the stranger 
Clothe the naked
Visit the sick 
Visit those in prison

When we do these things for the least, we are doing it to Him.  

When Jesus comes in all His glory:  
He will have all His holy angels with Him.  He will sit on the throne of His glory.  All nations will be gathered together.  He will separate the sheep from the goats.  

Sheep will go on the right hand.  The King will say to those on His right hand:
"come inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world."
These are the ones who did what He asked them to do.  They will go into eternal life.

The goats He will separate on the left.  And He will say to them: "depart from me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels."  They did not do what He asked them to do for others.  They will go into everlasting punishment.  

Lord please help me see who You put in front of me to show Your love to.  I ache and long to do these things, not sure how to fit it all in with children.  Please show me, and help me be an example of loving others in this way to them.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Be faithful in the little things...

Matthew 25:14-30

Kingdom of heaven is like...

A man traveling to a far country calls his own servants and gives goods to them according to their abilities:

One man five talents - he trades with them and makes five more - The Lord called Him a good and faithful servant, he was faithful with little he will be made ruler over much: enter into the joy of your lord

One man two talents - he gained two more - The Lord called him a good and faithful servant, he was faithful with a little he would be ruler over much: enter into the joy of your lord.

One man - one talent - he dug a hole and hid it in the ground - was afraid - thought of his master as a hard man - hid it.  The master called him a wicked lazy slave - talent was taken from him and given to the one who had ten talents.  Cast out into the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.  

Everyone who has more will be given them.  And they will have abundance. 
The one who does not have even what they have will be taken away.  

Application:  be faithful with what God gives you - the small things  are just as important as the big things.  Our goal is to hear Him say "well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master!"  

That means do well with my moments as I feed my children and take them to school... Make the most of my time at the dentist, when I make food this afternoon do it with joy.  When I'm tired and having a hard time staying strong at putting my children to bed at night remember I get to, not I have to.  Be faithful in the little things... 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Changes in my quiet times...

I have tried to faithfully do this every day and loved it.  Right now I am going to be starting a mom's bible study for the school year that comes with homework.  So I am going to be taking a break from this - I plan on doing it when I don't have homework from bible study.  :). 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parable of 10 virgins and the wedding feast

Matthew 25:1-13


Kingdom of heaven is like the ten virgins who took their lamps and went our to meet the bridegroom 

Foolish ones did not bring extra oil

Wise ones took extra oil in their vessels

They all slept while they waited 

At midnight they heard a cry: "the bridegroom is coming!  Go out to meet Him!"  

The foolish virgins did not have enough oil.  They asked for some of the wise virgins oil.  

The wise virgins would not share because they did not have enough for both of them.  

So the foolish ones went to buy more oil, and while they were gone the bridegroom came and those who were ready went into the wedding and the door was shut.  

They came to Him crying and He told them He did not know them.  

Watch because you do not know the day or the hour He is coming.  

Jesus is telling His disciples these things.  Men who are learning from and following Him. 

We don't know the details -  all this is a part of trusting our lives to Him.

Our job is to be ready.  Oil represents the Holy Spirit in the bible.  That is Who Jesus sends to His followers to be with us when He goes back up to heaven.  The Holy Spirit is Jesus gift to us.  

We don't want to be in the middle of doing out own things and not being ready when He returns.  Following Jesus is a life long walk.  Faithfulness and being prepared are key to living life with Him.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Faithful and wise vs the evil servant... Side by side comparison

Matthew 24:45-51

Faithful and wise servant: rules over his household and gives them food in due season.  

Evil servant:  beats his fellow servants eats and drinks with drunkards.

Faithful wise servant:  master will find him doing what he is suppose to be doing.

Evil servant: thinks his master is delaying his return and acts in a way that does what he wants...

The Master: will be coming on an unexpected day.  At an hour the servants are not aware of.  

The evil servant:  will be cut in two and appointed his portion with the hypocrites.  


Good servant - will be made ruler over all his goods

Evil servant will be in a place with weeping and gnashing of teeth

How we spend our time is important to God.  Are we being good stewards of what He has given us, or are we frittering it away unfruitfully.  May I be faithful to pour into the work that You have given me well for Your glory:
Nick, Josiah, Ava, Mallory, Lena 
My neighborhood my writing 
May I shine Your love for them and may my words match up to my actions in how I treat and care for all of it.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

No one knows the hour

Matthew 24:36-44

No one knows the day and hour that Jesus will return except His Father.  
Watch and wait because we don't know the hour of His return.  

Be ready.  

Comparisons: like a thief that comes unexpectedly to break into a house
Like in the days of Noah when every was busy living their life - they were not ready and the flood took them all away.  

We need to be ready for His return.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Matthew 24:32-35

Watch.  As we know when seasons change the things that Jesus is telling us now in His word are things to watch for as well... In His preparation for the seasons to change into what is going to come.  Ecclesiastes 3 there is a time for everything.  There is going to be a time for Jesus to come back and fulfill His promise to us.  He is patient wanting all to turn from their sins and come to
Him (2 Peter 3:9)...  But we are to pay attention and watch knowing this information, so we can be ready for the
Season when it's time for the changes.  To know that it is near and is coming.  
Heaven and earth will pass away but His words will not.  He is creating a new heaven and a new earth. 

2 Peter 3:13, Isaiah 65:17, Revelation 21:1

He is hard at work. 

Be watching and be ready.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

The most amazing sky show...

Matthew 14:29-31

Immediately after the tribulation:  

The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give light.  The stars will fall from heaven. The powers of heaven will be shaken.  

Then the sign of the Son of Man will come on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.  

The tribes of the earth will mourn 

He will send His angels and with a great trumpet sound  the angels will gather His elect together from the four winds - from one end of heaven to the other.

I  not going to profess to be an expert in this area of end times.  I wish I could explain it but I don't want to mislead anyone with my interpretation of it.  However here are some basic things we can apply.  

Be ready.  Share the love of Jesus in Word and Action.  He is coming back for us - have hope.  Live the life He put in front of us with that hope in Him.  
Watch.  I think it will be a beautiful sight to watch unfold.  He is Creator, He is Lord.  Do not fear these things.  Fear Him and put Him at lordship of your life.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Watch out for false prophets and christs

Matthew 24:23-28

Don't believe it if anyone says "look!  Here is the Christ!"  Or "there He is!"

False prophets and false christs are going to rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive the elect if possible.  

He is telling us ahead of time.

Don't go out, don't believe it.  

When Jesus comes it will be like lightening.  

Lightening is fast and quick and you won't miss it! 

I love how Jesus knows the future and warns His believers ahead of time to be watchful of those that would claim to be Him.  He has warned us.  

This is why we need to be solid in reading the Word.  God has given us so much direction for us in it.  He knows how easy it would be to stumble.  And especially considering the Jews who didn't accept Him are still looking and waiting for their Savior...  It could be possible to become deceives or filled with doubts.  Be solid and stand strong in the truth. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When the trials come...

Matthew 24:15-22


Jesus talks about a tribulation yet to come before He comes back to gather His chosen.  

It sounds like a brutal time for the church.  

What to watch for: the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place.  

In Daniel 11:35 it talks about the daily sacrifices being taken away and in it's place the desolation being put up

During this time those who do wickedly to the covenant will be corrupted with flattery

Those who know their God  be strong and carry out great exploits - many  fall by sword  and flame captivity and plunder, they will not aided with much help, but many will join them because of intrigue 

Those who fall with the purpose of refining purifying them and making them white 

In Daniel 12:12
It says blessed is he who waits in it.  

We Re warned in Matthew that it will be a time period of not turning around to grab things but to flee to the mountains.  Those that have small children or are expecting it will be difficult.  

We are to pray for the timing of it to not be in the middle of winter or Sabbath.  

It says that if it were to go on for a long time no flesh would be saved - but it says for those chosen it will be  shortened.  

It's not to go on forever.  But it will happen and go on And it will be rough.  

Life is never perfect.  Our daily trials wherever we are in this life, are used to draw us closer to Jesus.  How we choose to respond is everything.  We can grow bitter and cold or we can choose to embrace and ask God what He has for us in the midst of it all and be refined purified and made white as snow.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jesus begins to explain the end to His disciples

Matthew 24:1-14

Jesus predicts destruction of the temple.  It would be like going into a great city with your closest friends and they are admiring and commenting on the work of the buildings of the temple.
Like if someone told you ahead of time the twin towers were coming down.  
Jesus tells them they are all going to be taken down - not one stone left.  

Then His disciples want to know when, And how, and what are the signs of Your coming and of the end age? 

Wouldn't you be curious to know the details?

Jesus warns them to be careful and make sure no one deceives you.  People will say they are the Christ and deceive many.

Signs include: wars, rumors of wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, famines pestilence, earthquakes
These are just the beginning sorrows.

In the midst of this Jesus says: "see that You are not troubled.  These things must come to past but it is not the end."

Then His followers will be delivered up and killed by all nations for His namesake.  Many will be offended, will betray and hate one another
False prophets are going to rise up and deceive many. 

Lawlessness is going to abound, love of many will become cold.  

The one who endures to the end shall be saved.  The gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all the world as a witness to all the nations. 

Then the end will come.
I am no professor on end times.  But I know that it is easy to get worried about losing our securities of life that we are used to and comfortable with, and having to rely on complete security of Jesus.  

He tells us not to be troubled.  To endure to the end - we will be saved.  Jesus gospel is first going out to all the nations and then the end will come.  

Keeping our eyes focused heaven ward we need to press on toward the prize of the upward calling.  

Philippians 4:13

Monday, September 9, 2013

Willing to surrender to Jesus

Matthew 22:37-39

Jesus grieves over Jerusalem that has killed prophets and stones those sent to her.  

He wanted to father all of them together but they were not willing.  He had the heart of a mother hen gathering her chicks under her wings.  

They weren't willing.

Consequence: their house is going to be left to the desolate - they will see Him no more- until they say "Blessed is He who comes in the name of The Lord."

My thoughts:  
I'm no scholar so I could be way off in this interpretation.  But before Jesus the Jewish people would go to the temple, to the House of The Lord to see Him.  
But the Jewish people as a whole rejected Him.  They didn't listen to God when He tried to care for them, they weren't willing to change or so what was right.  
So at this point, after Jesus does on the cross, He sends His Spirit to dwell in us and be with us.  And this is for all people, not only the Jewish nation anymore.  The house of The Lord will be left desolate, and the way they will see Jesus is when they turn and come to Him and welcome the message of those who come in Jesus name.  
Like I said, I might be missing things in the big scheme of things in the Bible prophecy, but I know there is truth in this- that God was about to break into the whole world to bring the possibility of relationship with Him.  And after He died on the cross these people in Jerusalem were going to have to come to Him and believe that He is their Savior and God in order to be set free.  
That is the message of Jesus.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Woe to the Pharisees - part five blood of the prophets

Matthew 23:29-36

Woe to the scribes and Pharisees 
They build tombs of the prophets and adorn the monuments
They say if we had lived in their days we wouldn't have taken a part of of their deaths.  

They are speaking against themselves. 
They are sons of those who murdered the prophets.  
Jesus tells them He sends them prophets wise men and scribes and they will be killed crucified scourged and persecuted by Pharisees.  

They are responsible for all the righteous blood shed on the earth.  
 They can't escape the condemnation of hell.
Once again the Pharisees & scribes get called out on making things beautiful on the outside and yet what is on the inside is yuck.  This time it is the death of the prophets.  They built monuments in their place but the reality is that they were killed for the truth they spoke, truth that pointed to Jesus, truth that called people back to repentance, and truth that the people didn't want to hear.  

This time the truth is being spoken by Jesus, and these Pharisees and scribes don't want to change and instead are plotting about how they can get rid of Jesus, so they don't have to hear Him anymore.  

Jesus calls them out exactly where they are at in this struggle.  They are living in a reality they have all decked out with outer beauty and adornment and anything to make their situation look perfect - they live with their identity and confidence in their acts and status.  They don't want to listen to Jesus who truly is after their hearts, but they shut Him down because His truth does not line up with how they want to live their lives...

They say they would never do what their forefathers did but they are in the middle of doing it as they conspire against Jesus.  

Lord please always keep my eyes open to Your truth.  May my life not be one focused on making things look perfect, but may it be a daily surrendered to You.  May I teach Your truth to those You place in my life.  May I not be blinded to lies that make things look beautiful on the outside that try to cover up the dirt on the inside.  You are the only one that can take the dirt inside of us and make beautiful things.  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Woe to the Pharisees -part four - clean up the inside

Matthew 23:25-28

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees 

They clean the outside of the cup but inside is full of extortion and self-indulgence

They are like beautiful whitewashed tombs that are outwardly beautiful 
But inside is full of dead man's bones and uncleanness.  

They outwardly appear righteous but inside are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.  

They are blind.

They need to cleanse the inside so the outside of them may be clean too. 

Even here Jesus is trying warn them, trying to help them see the truth.  And the truth is that if they would just turn and cleanse their hearts once more.  They could be set free from the heart struggles.  

It's easy to make our focus on what needs to be fixed on the outside.  It's something we can have control of, or at least think we have control of.  But fixing ourselves on the inside, that is something we can't do on our own.  We need Jesus for that.  We need to have His healing Spirit come into the depths of our souls and cleanse us deep.  

We need Him.  That is what the Pharisees and scribes were blind to.  They believed they didn't need Him and in fact wanted to get rid of anything that would remind them of their need for Him.  All they could see is how much better their life would be if they got rid of the conviction His words brought deep into their souls.  They didn't want to see the truth because that would mean turning their lives inside out for Him.  So their solution to the problem: what can we do to get rid of Him?

These poor blind Pharisees and scribes.  If only they had wanted to see the truth...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Woe to the Pharisees part three - don't miss the camel on the plate.

Matthew 23:23-24

Woe to the hypocrites - the scribes and the Pharisees  

They pay mint and anise and cumin tithes 

They neglect weightier matters of the law - justice and mercy and faith

They should have been doing both

They are blind camels who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.

Jon Courson pointed out in his commentary that these two are smallest and largest unclean animals mentioned in Leviticus in 11.

They do all they can to make sure they are getting all the little gnats out of their food but they are missing the view of the big camel right smack in the middle of their plate.  

Lord please keep my eyes on You.  Help me not miss out on what is right in front of me that needs taken care of and not waste times on the little gnats that I wouldn't miss what is very important, doing both together:  justice, mercy & faith.  

Please help our family show justice and have mercy and faith in You.  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Woe to the Pharisees - part two - don't make meaningless oaths

Matthew 23:15-22

Woe to the Pharisees 

They will go far and wide for a convert to be on their side and once they have done that, they make him twice as much as they are - on the path of hell and hell's work...

They are blind guides

They play games of swearing and making oath by the temple vs the gold of the temple, not standing on their word.  

Your word should be your word.  

In James 4:12
It says don't swear by anything on earth or in heaven.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no

In Matthew 5:37

Jesus says let your yes be yes and your no be no, anything more than this is from the evil one.

Jesus wants us to be true to our word and what we say.  He wants us to not play games with our promises.  It's not a guessing game of what is truth.  Speak truth live truth and don't let anything get in there that would sway otherwise - because when we start to live in little lies or not being honorable with our words those choices are not from God - they are from satan, the Father of lies.