Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When the trials come...

Matthew 24:15-22


Jesus talks about a tribulation yet to come before He comes back to gather His chosen.  

It sounds like a brutal time for the church.  

What to watch for: the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place.  

In Daniel 11:35 it talks about the daily sacrifices being taken away and in it's place the desolation being put up

During this time those who do wickedly to the covenant will be corrupted with flattery

Those who know their God  be strong and carry out great exploits - many  fall by sword  and flame captivity and plunder, they will not aided with much help, but many will join them because of intrigue 

Those who fall with the purpose of refining purifying them and making them white 

In Daniel 12:12
It says blessed is he who waits in it.  

We Re warned in Matthew that it will be a time period of not turning around to grab things but to flee to the mountains.  Those that have small children or are expecting it will be difficult.  

We are to pray for the timing of it to not be in the middle of winter or Sabbath.  

It says that if it were to go on for a long time no flesh would be saved - but it says for those chosen it will be  shortened.  

It's not to go on forever.  But it will happen and go on And it will be rough.  

Life is never perfect.  Our daily trials wherever we are in this life, are used to draw us closer to Jesus.  How we choose to respond is everything.  We can grow bitter and cold or we can choose to embrace and ask God what He has for us in the midst of it all and be refined purified and made white as snow.  

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