Saturday, September 14, 2013


Matthew 24:32-35

Watch.  As we know when seasons change the things that Jesus is telling us now in His word are things to watch for as well... In His preparation for the seasons to change into what is going to come.  Ecclesiastes 3 there is a time for everything.  There is going to be a time for Jesus to come back and fulfill His promise to us.  He is patient wanting all to turn from their sins and come to
Him (2 Peter 3:9)...  But we are to pay attention and watch knowing this information, so we can be ready for the
Season when it's time for the changes.  To know that it is near and is coming.  
Heaven and earth will pass away but His words will not.  He is creating a new heaven and a new earth. 

2 Peter 3:13, Isaiah 65:17, Revelation 21:1

He is hard at work. 

Be watching and be ready.  

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