Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 16th & 17th combined

Matthew 1:6b
David the king begot Solomon by her who had been the wife of Uriah

First off, let me say, I didn't try to skip yesterday. I had written a bunch out and it all got erased when I pressed a button to go backwards. That being said, I will try again, and I am praying God will have me write and show me what He wants.

1 kings 15:5
David's one fall: David did what was right in the sight of The Lord, and had not turned aside from anything commanded except in the case of Uriah the Hittite.
In that case, he committed adultery with Uriah's wife, got her pregnant, tried to hide his sin bringing Uriah back from the war. When Uriah didn't cooperate, David sent him back to the war carrying his very own death note to give to the commander. Uriah is killed in battle and David takes his wife Bathsheba to be his.

2 Samuel 12:10
Sword will never leave men his house because he despised The Lord and took the wife of Uriah to be his.

2 Samuel 12:14 because of this the enemies of The Lord are given great room to blaspheme
And also the child who is to be born to Bathsheba will surely die

Consequences. Choices that we make do have consequences.
Interesting to read in proverbs 6 Solomon, second child of David and Bathsheba write about adultery.
V 32: the one who commits adultery lacks understanding, destroys his own soul, v 33: gets wounds and dishonor, his reproach will not be wiped away, v 29 shall not be innocent
V31 may have to give up all the substance in his house.

We have all made mistakes. And there are consequences.
One of the consequences that stood out to me was that it causes enemies of the Lord to blaspheme. To me, that is one of the worse consequences of all, that something I would do would give opportunity for blaspheming. Especially in my own home. My biggest regret as a parent would be some day if my actions did not reflect the true nature of Christ to my children that they would turn away and not want to have anything to do with Him. Oh how I pray for Christ in my weaknesses to turn those into opportunity to teach my children instead of turning them away from the cross.

One thing that gives me hope is 2 Samuel 12:24

After Nathan had confronted David on his sin, David had true repentance in his heart. He prayed and petition that God would spare the child's life. But God took the child. David's heart was back with The Lord. And The Lord didn't hold it over David for years to come, although his whole family had struggles and consequences from the decision. However back to 2 Samuel 2:24 David and Bathsheba conceived again, and she bore a son and called his name Solomon. And The Lord loves Solomon and sent Nathan to tell them that. And Nathan called him Jedidiah, which means beloved of The Lord.

God brings even adulterous situation and heals it into his family line. There is no sin too big for God to forgive. He loves Solomon, and has great plans for his life. Once again the story of redemption continues, showing how gracious and compassionate and forgiving our God is.

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