Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9th, 2013

Matthew 1:2b
Rebekah and Isaac
Facts About Isaac Sarah and Abraham's only son (Abraham also had his first son Ishmael) Isaac's father took charge to find a bride for him Isaac and Rebekah never met before marriage, but Isaac took Rebekah as his wife and he loved her.  
Rebekah went in faith. Rebekah was a beautiful woman, a virgin. She also was willing to serve and took care of the servant's camels. Rebekah could not conceive just as Sarah before, but Isaac went before The Lord and He gave them twin boy to become two great nations: Esau and Jacob.  

Thing to notice: the man whom God used to play a huge part in Jesus genealogy. The servant. Abraham sent his servant to go to Abraham's family's home because Abraham did not want a Canaanite bride for Isaac. What is interesting is that there was never doubt God had a bride for Isaac. What was questioned was would she come back with the servant or not. His servant was close to God. His servant prayed for success in his masters instructions. When he found Rebekah he bowed his head and worshiped and blessed The Lord. He did as Abraham instructed and God blessed his assignment.  

Application: We may not be big players in the story of furthering the gospel. But we all play a part. I don't see where it says what Abraham's servants name was but he followed his master's instruction and went in faith and asked God to do things on behalf of Abraham and praised God when He fulfilled it. We are all a part of the body of Christ and as a family it's our job to do What He calls us to do to help the body grow. It's not about us it's about Him. (Read 1 Corinthians 12).

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