Monday, April 29, 2013

Matthew 2:1-12

Matthew 2:1-12

Wise men

They were wise
They came from the east
They were seeking
They were observant to details
They traveled far
They came to worship Him
They rejoices greatly with exceedingly great joy when they saw the star over the house
They worshipped Him falling at His feet
They brought treasures and gifts for Jesus
They listened to divine warning in a dream

So these men were seeking God. And they weren't from Israel. This is exciting because it is once more confirming God had a much bigger plan that just Israel to be in relationship with Him. He wants all of us!

Things I want to learn from the wise men. When I worship bring my gifts to Him.

What are my biggest treasures and gifts to lay at his feet and worship Him with?
My husband, my children, things I love to do like sing and bake and write and run
My friendships
The opportunities to be a blessing to others. To give to others what He gives me. Share in His richness.

Also, to seek Him and be observant of the details He is showing me not to miss. To diligently seek Him. And to listen.

Lord help me use my gifts with a joyful heart and not with a checklist mindset. May I be alert and available for how You want me to spend today.

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