Thursday, May 2, 2013

Matthew 2:19-23

Matthew 2:19-23
God leads and directs Joseph, Joseph listens

Herod died

Angel of The Lord tells Joseph to go out of Egypt into the land of Israel now that Herod is dead.

So Joseph takes Mary and Jesus out of Egypt and comes into the land of Israel.

Joseph learns Herod's son is leading over Judah.
Joseph is afraid
God warns Joseph in a dream
Joseph turns aside and goes into galilee and dwells in the city of Nazareth
Prophesy fulfilled "He shall be called a

I find it interesting that when Joseph had fear, it was followed up by a warning from God in a dream.
And once again Joseph doesn't ask God the whys or how comes of what he is instructed to do for his family. He just does it. He is a man of faith.

It's interesting to me now knowing and understanding more the genealogy of Judah and the kingdom of Judah, to think about not being able to return to where your family is from...

One other observation through all of this. We are reading about God's son on earth around the time of a man who kills innocent babies out of fear of losing his throne. This is a picture of free will. And the choice each of have in making to follow Him. Or not following Him. And although He does not like what happens He is at work with a bigger plan from those awful situations, still at work in the area of redemption for all people... He isn't after the earthly crown but a heavenly purpose.

Application: it's not about me it's about His ultimate plan to save people in this world.

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