Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Matthew 5:21-26

Matthew 5:21-26

Thou shall not murder
Angry at my brother without a cause 
Saying words like you fool.
Raca: means worthless one

Puts me in danger of judgment. 

Those words are heart attitude are not reflective of Christ's love.  The first command to love God and the second to love my neighbor as myself.  

Instead we are told to handle things differently:  before we come to the altar we are to go and be reconciled to our brother and then come back to God.  God wants us to make things right with our brothers.

And then with our adversaries:  we are to go and agree with them quickly.  Why?  So we don't get delivered to a judge and be handed over to an officer and thrown in prison.  

Application:  watch my heart attitude.  God is not just concerned about the action, He is concerned about what is going on in my heart behind that action.  Need to guard what gets rooted in there.  Weeds of anger and bitterness dig deep and can be hard to dig out.  
And also work at making things right with all people.  If God puts something on my heart to fix between me and someone, I need to Lay aside all pride and do it.  Not just for me but especially for them.  God is concerned about all people, life is not about me, it's about living in a way to reflect Jesus to all people.  

Lord please let me reflect you to all people :). Including my family.  

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