Saturday, May 18, 2013

Matthew 5:38-42

Matthew 5:38-42

Don't resist an evil person
Turn the other cheek.  If a person takes away your tunic give him your cloak also.  
If one makes you walk one mile with them go with them two.  
Give to him who asks and don't turn away from the one who wants to borrow.  

Some parts of this verse are easy to follow.  Like I have no problem lending with no expectation of return.  Or if someone needs something to take care of it.  But what if I have nothing extra to give and it hurts a little.  What am I willing to sacrifice then? 
Or what if it is someone that had really hurt me?  Am I willing to open myself up for more hurt?  That's when this gets a little more challenging to follow.  

A lot of this can refer to physical objects of loaning and borrowing.  But it also can refer to giving of our time and energy and emotion:  

Turn the other cheek:  that is emotionally laying down your fear of hurt for the other person

Someone taking away your tunic and loaning and borrowing:  not holding close to the physical things we have, showing that person they are more important than physical things

Walking with someone more than what they asked:  time:  showing that person they are worth your time

Holding all things loosely to show the other person how important they are and how much value they have to Jesus.  

That is the ultimate goal:  lay ourselves down like Christ for furthering the truth of His gospel.  

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