Thursday, May 16, 2013

Matthew 5:31-32

Matthew 5:31-32

 Divorce was being permitted if you give a certificate of divorce.  

Just like it is now.  

But that is not God's desire.  Back in genesis God brings man to the woman and two become one flesh. To leave their father and mother.  And they were naked and unashamed.  That is God's desire for marriage.  To be unashamed before each other and before Him.  

Hebrews 13:4 marriage bed to be honorable among all and be undefined.  
It goes on in verse 5: let your conduct be without covetousness be content with what you have.  
In 1 Corinthians 7 it says that a wife is not to leave her husband, or if she does, she should remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband.  

Divorcing your spouse in God's eyes is looked upon as causing your spouse to commit adultery, and marrying a divorced person is committing adultery.  

With the exception if that spouse has already committed sexual immorality.  Then that spouse has already committed adultery.  

Jesus makes it really clear that He wants the married to stay married.  

I know in our society with divorce being a way out, what isn't recognized is God's long term protection, and plan for the whole family.  He's not trying to be a meany that makes you stay in a difficult marriage.  He loves you and wants you to work on your marriage, not just for you, but for your spouse, and for the benefit of your children if you have any.  He wants to build character in you, and most important He wants you to come to Him and depend on Him when it is hard.  

I have helped in the prayer room the last few years at our church, and it is heart breaking to see what divorce does to everyone involved.  If I ever doubt marriage is worth sticking with seeing all the broken lives trying to pick up the pieces divorce leaves behind is a great reminder to work hard at marriage.  

Application for today:  
Stay married and don't get a divorce.  That's simple :). But a lot of work and work you can't do well on your own.  
We need the Holy Spirit to equip us :). 

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