Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Matthew 6:16-18

Matthew 6:16-18

Fast without seeking to get attention on yourselves 

Men that make disfigured faces and have sad countenances to make it evident in their fasting.  

When you fast take away evidence that would indicate it

We are fasting for The Lord to see not for men.  

It's easy to become people pleasers, trying to do what we do to make us look more spiritual.  Stay on guard to even thinking thoughts like that.  My goal is to please God and do what He says to do.  Not to meet men's expectations 

I am horrible at fasting.  It is really hard to do without getting upset at my children.  I often try to start, but then once I get into it I am losing it with my children.  I don't think it's good to do it if it brings out ungodly character in me.  Sometimes I struggle with doing it because I'm expected to.  I think if I try again down the road it should never be for the expectations of others, but truly to honor and seek God out in things.  

I think His reward in it all is His faithfulness to what was sought after.  :). 

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