Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Matthew 6:5-15

Matthew 6:5-15

How not to pray

Don't pray like a hypocrite
Don't pray to be seen by men 
Don't pray standing in public places to draw attention to yourself
Don't use vain repetitions and many words 
Don't pray like heathens do

Do pray
In your room
Shut your door
Pray to our Father

Our Father knows the needs you have before we ask Him

Hallow His name
Pray for His kingdom to come, His will to be done on earth and in heaven
Pray for our food
Ask for forgiveness of debts
Forgive our debtors
Pray for protection from being led into temptation
Pray for deliverance from the evil one.  

Give Him the the glory.  His kingdom and power belongs to Him 

Forgive men as God forgives you.  


Our heart in prayer.  It needs to be focused on giving God the glory.  Not on asking for our will to be done, but His will.  It is a surrender of everything:  His plans, provision of food, forgiveness, deliverance from satan and protection from temptation.  

Surrender.  One of my favorite passages on prayer:  Psalm 37.   
Includes words of Trust The Lord.  Dwell in His land.  Feed on His faithfulness.  Delight yourself in Him.  Commit you way to Him.  Rest in him.  Wait on Him.  

This passage is all about Him giving us our heart's desires, but it requires being at that place of complete surrender and trust.  

And I have found that being in that place brings my heart desires to become what He had planned.  And His plans are different than my original plans, but I would want nothing else than that.

We can choose to make our praying about me me me, or we can choose to make it all about Him.  And that is the main point in prayer.  

Pray in a way to give Him glory, not in a way to being glory on myself.  

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