Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Matthew 5:27-30

Matthew 5:27- 30

More in the heart stuff.  Convicting stuff.  
Simple:  don't commit adultery.  
But what about being concerned with our eyes and what we look at.  And what we think about what we look at.  

It is committing adultery in the heart.  
I think this is a struggle that both men and women struggle with.  Men in the physical lusting, women in the emotional longing for attention, from some one else other than their spouse . 

Solution:  get rid of what is causing you to sin.  Another place in the bible it says to flee from sexual immorality.  1 corinthians 6:18.  And then Joseph was an example of that when he flees from Potiphar's wife.  
We need to remove what is causing us to stumble.  I don't believe this passage is actually saying cut off your arm.  I believe it is an analogy.

Our body as a whole cannot operate properly when we are struggling in thoughts about another person.  It is a distraction from what God wants to use you for.  And in that, it not only hurts you, but the people around you that God wants to use you for.  So it actually hurts the whole body of Christ.  

We need to not live in Lalalustland, but in the reality land that Christ is our Savior, and He wants all of our heart, and not to get in the way of what He desires.  Lusting is stooping down to a lie that something is better than what you already have.  

Convicting?  Yes!  It should be.  Jesus ends by saying it can lead to your whole body being cast into hell.  And he said that twice.  That to me signals listen up!  Don't play around with lust in the mind.  You are worth so much more to Jesus and to His body.  

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