Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Matthew 1:1-6

Matthew 11:1-6

John the Baptist is in prison inquiring is Jesus the Messiah.  Is He the coming One.  

Jesus response was blind are seeing lame are walking lepers are clean and the deaf hear dead are raised from the dead poor get to hear the gospel.  

Jesus was doing healing in people's lives.  But He was also preparing for the eternal kingdom which would change for eternity when He died on the cross and rose again.  

Maybe John was discouraged in prison?  Hoping he would be set free?  I don't know...  

My own application:  
Don't forget the work Jesus has done in my life.  And don't get discouraged to think that He is done.  

I have my four children and today was a struggle for me and two of my girls.  And I sometimes lose sight of the miracle God did to bring them into me and nicks family, and ultimately into His family.  Remember His faithfulness.  Tell it to my children.  Show them His love and cups of water instead of frustrations.  They need love.  So badly.  

Please Lord do a work in me.  I struggle with feelings of wanting to give up with a day like today.  Help me persevere.  

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