Thursday, June 13, 2013

Matthew 9:27-31

Matthew 9:27-31

Jesus heals two blind men

They had complete faith that Jesus could heal them.  They followed Him even though they could t see.  They asked for mercy.  And Jesus gave mercy and touched their eyes.  He opened their eyes.  

And despite
What He told them they went and told others about what He had done.  


It amazes me how selfless Jesus was, and He never complained or had a bad attitude.  I am tired.  I have not been getting much of a break for awhile now and I still have to keep pushing ahead and getting things done and honestly I'm exhausted.  It is hard to have all the daily pressures on me and expectations of what I should be doing on me.  It has been almost two weeks since I went out to do errands on my own without children and over the weekends we have had a lot going on and it doesnt stop anytime soon.  So besides when I am at home and the kids are in bed and I don't have anything to do, I have not had a break.

So where I am at right now, the good thing is that I am getting things done.  The bad thing is today, not with a joyful happy heart.  I am looking to get past things instead of enjoying doing things. 

That's what I have to work at changing.  When I  am doing things to do it for The Lord and not for men.  To give continuously the way Jesus did.  
I need Your strength Lord.  Desperately :(. 

I need to recognize that the time Jesus took to touch those blind men's eyes and heal them was a small chunk of time for Him, but that one little gesture changed their lives forever.  Help me be looking through Your eyes Lord. 
Jesus please may I have a fresh filling of your Spirit.  

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