Sunday, June 9, 2013

Matthew 9:1-8

Matthew 9:1-8

Jesus words to the paralytic 

Be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you.  

Arise, take up your bed and walk. 

The man got up and walk and multitudes saw it, marveled and glorified God.  

Jesus has power on earth to forgive sins.  
Jesus sees our faith.  
Jesus healed the man.

The real miracle is that Jesus sets us free from sins.  That He forgave the man His sins.  Sometimes that gets missed when people are wanting signs and wonders instead.  

The people marveled at the power Jesus showed when they saw the healing He had done.  But yet the scribes had just accused him of blaspheming just moments prior when He said He forgives sins.  

Application:  remember the important stuff is that I am forgiven of my sins.  The works of healing are definitely miracles but not the main thing to focus on.  And when those things do come up to make sure it is brought up for the glory of God.  

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