Thursday, June 6, 2013

Matthew 8:18-22

Matthew 8:18-22

To follow Jesus 

The cost:  when He calls to not let anything else come first or get in the way of Him.  

I have questions that I wish I knew the answers to:  

Who did Jesus command to depart to the other side to?  Was it his disciples? 

Second is the scribe who was asking seeing if he could follow like His disciples?  Or like one from the multitude? 

Just because someone was not none of His close disciples, didn't mean they didn't believe.  

When He says let the dead bury their own dead I don't think Jesus was insensitive.  I think that you can spend your whole life waiting for circumstances where you would say then I will follow Jesus. Then I am free.  Then I will do what He asks me to do.  Or I could start doing it now.  Today.  Being obedient in this moment.  
Maybe part of What He calls us to do will include taking care of those that need caring for.  We're called to take care of widows and orphans in their distress.  

The application is to listen and to obey. 

Jesus also shares He has no place to lay His head or call home.  It's a sacrifice He makes for the purpose and plan He was called to.  

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