Monday, June 3, 2013

Matthew 8:5-13

Matthew 8:5-13
A man petitions Jesus for his servant

This man was a centurion
He felt he was not worthy to have Jesus step into his home and believed that Jesus could do it without having to come to his house.  He was a man that had people under him and would command them to do things.  He was a man of great faith. He believed.  

Servant was dreadfully tormented and paralyzed 

Jesus offered to come and heal him.  
Jesus marveled at the man's faith.  Told the man he had not seen such great faith in all of Israel.  
Told him to go his way, his servant was healed.  And God healed him that very hour.  

Application:  don't fear and fret over the things I am led to do on behalf of other people.  God takes care of all the details that need to be cared for.  
I am taking Ava to a concert tonight.  I debated over the decision for three weeks.  But it was something God laid on my heart to do for her and with her. 
God took care of all the things I could have let get in the way of me saying no to going.  And I  excited to take my daughter to go hear worship songs about Jesus.  Praying it will do a healing work in her heart and our relationship.  

Be watchful of those in my life and in faith take them to Jesus for healing.  Even if He physically isn't here, His Spirit is, and He is still able to bring healing today.  Stand in that and have faith in it. 

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