Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Matthew 8:14-15

Matthew 8:14-15

Jesus heals Peter's mother in law

Indicating Peter was married.  
His wife's mother was sick in bed with a fever
Jesus touched her hand.  She didn't just no longer have a fever, she got up and started serving them.  

It is crazy to think about the side stories of the disciples.  I wonder what his wife would have thought about all this.  Would she have been supportive? Would she have torn Peter down?

Application:  pray for my husband.  And when God leads him be his supporter and encourager.  And trust God.  

Also when God heals me of things, it's time to get up and start serving again.  I feel like I am in the process of being healed from some difficult things and God is preparing me to get ready to serve again.  Serving starts in my home.  Start by serving here.  

Areas to serve:  my family.  More consistent training for the kids and more teaching
My home:  hosting people here and caring for them
Doing bible studying again.  

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