Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Matthew 12:15-21

Matthew 12:15-21

Jesus was healing but He didn't do it to make His name known.  It was His ministry to do and He actually asked to not make His name known.  

Fulfillment from Isaiah the Prophet:

Jesus is the Servant God had chosen
Jesus is His Beloved
Jesus is whom God's soul is well pleased
Jesus had God's Spirit put upon Him
Jesus will declare justice to the Gentiles
Jesus does not quarrel or cry out
Jesus will not break a bruised Reed or quench a smoking flax until He sends forth justice to victory
In Jesus name the Gentiles will trust

I love the last part of this passage.  It is for the rest of the world that is not Jews.  He invites us into Him.  We can be healed by Him and be brought into justice through Him. 

This is our redemption note.  Love it. 

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