Monday, July 8, 2013

Matthew 12:43-45

Matthew 12:43-45

When an unclean spirit goes out of a man and it finds no place to go it returns to the man and finds everything in place and in order so he goes and gets seven more spirits more wicked than the first and re enter the man and its the man is worse of than the first time.  

That's what He is telling these people as a generation.  

When nick and I witnessed a demon possessed teenage girl get saved from two demons she had in her, it was not enough for her to just say I believe that Jesus is Jesus.  She had to radically change her life quickly.  We witnessed her destroying things that she said had given satan power in her life...  CDs she broke into pieces, a ring that was crushed.  She switched over to reading her Bible non stop in the beginning all the time, to shut out the voices that tried to taunt her when they returned.  As it was said in a sermon recently, she had to do "Jesusy" things.   
So when I read this I know exactly what it is talking about because I have witnessed it.  
You can't just clean sweep the house when the evil is gone, you have to start replacing it with Jesus.  

Lord for the things in my life my home my boundaries that are not of You, help me not just clean sweep it out of my life, but also replace it with things of You.  I know in my areas of discouragement and depression I need Your help to replace those thoughts.  Through You Lord.  Help me do things through You.  

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