Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Matthew 13:34-36

Matthew 13:34-36

In Genesaret Jesus was recognized and all who were sick were brought to Him and people begged him to touch His hem.  As many who touched it were as many who were made well.  

Faith: they believed if they touched just even His garment they would be healed.  

Application:  I am going away for a night on Friday to spend some time with Jesus because I want to get healed.  I don't know exactly what He has in store for me, but I am going expectantly hoping even to "touch his garment" so to speak to be healed by Him.   I believe He can do it, but I'm also a little scared.  Maybe it's scared of no longer living in the identity of who I was in those things?  I am not sure... But I want to find my way back into a new place in my walk with Him.  

We have access to a Great King who wants to bring great healing in our lives.  And He wants to use the story He does to be able to touch others as well and bring healing to them as well.  It's not an individual all about me work.  It's a healing so that I can share what He does in my life.  

Please help prepare me for the plans You have for me today.  

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