Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Matthew 14:22-23

Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus takes the appropriate steps to take time to pray.  He sends the multitudes away and sends His disciples ahead on the sea in a boat.  

He goes up on a mountain by Himself and prays.  When evening came He was alone there.  

Meanwhile the boat is in the middle of the sea being tossed by the wind and the waves.  Jesus walks out to them
In the late night and the disciples are Him and fear.  

Jesus calms then and tells them to not be afraid.  Peter asks if it is Him tell Peter to come out on the water.  

Jesus does and Peter comes, but then He saw the sea and fears and veins to sink.  

Jesus saves him and says: You of little faith why do you doubt?  

The wind ceased when they got in the boat.  

Then all in the boat worshiped Him. 

So much personal application here:  

First, a continued picture - Jesus put aside His desire for quiet and compassionately cares for the multitudes.  But when His work was done He sent them away for quiet again.  And what did He do during His quiet?  He took the time to pray.   

Application:  use my quiet time to pray.  To refresh, recharge and be renewed.  

When He is done, He then goes to rejoin the disciples, meeting them where they are.  

Application:  purpose of alone time, to prepare my heart to reengage in the work He has in front of me.  

Peter sees Jesus and boldly asks to be invited out on the water, but once in the middle of the sea, panics and needs Jesus to save him. 

Application:  I so often have all these big ideas of things I want to do, in ministry and life but then once in the middle of them I can find myself freaking out.  Remember to call to The Lord to help pull me out.  

I am of little faith and I struggle with my doubts.  Right now I have lots of doubts I am sorting through.  But Jesus is the one who is able to calm my heart and the storm it is in the midst of.  I need to remember that and turn to Him when I am sinking in the ocean.  

Lord, please help me in my faith, strengthen it and equip it and help me not forget the days past of Your goodness and miracles and faithfulness in my life.   And that the dreams and plans You have for my life would come to fruition and not sink because of my inability to cope.  Please, heal me so that I may be made well.  Show me the things that distract and bring me into full submission to Your plans.  

I love You.  

Take time for quiet to pray and be with You
Re-engage with my family and ministry when I am done
Trust Him in the storms
Allow Him to pick me up and calm my doubts and fears
Worship Him.


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