Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Matthew 13:1-9

Matthew 13:1-9

Seeds fall when the sower sow's

1. By the wayside:birds ate them 

2. Stony places:grew up to quickly without depth and got scorched on the the rocks

3. Among the thorns:got choked by them

4. Good ground:yielded a crop of some hundredfold some sixty some thirty

Ending:  those with ears should hear

Application:  first I need to make sure where I am planted is in good rich soil.  What is in my foundation that is growing me?  Tend that soil and help it be well cared for to help me thrive in this world.  Because I need that and the sun and water to help me grow and live when I face the world's elements
Second I need to work at cultivating the soil my children are planted in.  Make sure it has all the nutrients it needs to help my children thrive and produce in this land
Third be ready to share the Word and my testimony with those around me that will here.  

More explanation on this parable to be explained later in this chapter.  

Lord please continue to be a deep rich soil to grow myself and my family in.  I am lacking some nutrients in my soil, please help me pinpoint those so I can thrive in my home and show Your love to my family. 

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