Monday, July 22, 2013

Matthew 14:13-20

Matthew 14:13-20

When Jesus heard His cousin had died He left to go be by Himself.  

Multitudes followed Him on foot from their great cities

Jesus was moved with compassion and healed their sick.  

At dinner the disciples wanted to send the people away so they all could get food.   
Jesus told them to give them food.  And out of five loaves of bread and two fish He miraculously provides food for all the people with 12 baskets of leftover food remaining.  


Jesus was so selfless.  He left for some alone time but He cared about the people in front of Him more.  He provided what they needed even when He was hurting and needing time to process and grieve the loss of His cousin.  Probably also taking the time to think about what lay ahead for Him.  

But He saw the needs.  And so He cared for the needs of others over Himself and put His time aside.  In the next section After He has taken care of them He does send them away so He can have time to pray.  

That's what I am going to be doing this Friday.  I have my children that have needs and I also have some things in my heart that need tending to but I haven't had the time to go clean things up because of the constant needs in front of me.  But this Friday I am going to take the time to go away and pray through with The Lord what needs to be worked through and grieve through loss and repent where I need to repent and forgive what needs to be forgiven, then put it away, and move forward.  
I also am going to be figuring out a time with nick to take a sabbath for a few hours each week.   Not sure what it will look like but it is something we are going to make the time to do.  And hopefully also figure out a way to do that for him as well.  

I have fallen in two different places.  One being so incapable of doing anything because of hurt in my life, and two doing so much that I am so drained.  There needs to be that sabbath time to refresh with The Lord and get myself back into where I need to be.   
So I have energy and refreshment from Him to fulfill the work in front of me He wants me to do.  Starting with loving my husband and my children.  

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