Sunday, July 21, 2013

Matthew 14:1-12

Matthew 14:1-12

When Herod was hearing about Jesus he thought maybe He was John the Baptist back from the dead.  John whom had been beheaded at the request of herodias' daughter
Herod: son of the king who put babies to death when Jesus was born.  Having a relationship with His brother's wife.  See's her daughter dance before them and promises whatever she wants.  
She asks for john's head and although Herod liked John he stuck to his oath and killed him.  

Application:  be careful with the words of my mouth and the promises I make and oath that I say.  Set a guard over my mouth keep watch over my lips Oh Lord.  Sometimes I need a filter especially with what I am saying to my children.  Words can have grave consequences.  They can curse or give life, they have the power to destroy or heal.  Lord please help my words be what You would want me to say.  I love You.  

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