Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matthew 16:12-20

Matthew 16:12-20

Jesus ask who He is to Peter.  

Peter says the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  

Jesus gives Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  We have that access too now because of the cross.  

If Jesus was to ask me who I think He is today? 
My Savior.  The one who knows and cares for my soul, the one who intercedes for me before the Father.  The one who gave me His Holy Spirit to be comforter and counselor in my life.  The one who invited and chose me, the one who is preparing a place for me.  The one who didn't just die for the Jewish nation, but for the whole world. The one who is patient and gracious with my doubts and insecurities and struggles.  My healer.  The one who made me a wife of Nick and a mother of four.  My Provider.  Jesus.  Son of God.  With us.  

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