Thursday, August 1, 2013

Matthew 16:21-23

Jesus tells of His disciples that He is going to be delivered to the elders of Jerusalem and suffer many things from priests elders and scribes.  
That He will be killed and then raised again on the third day.  

Peter's response: a rebuke to Jesus that this would not happen to Him.  

Jesus response: "get behind me Satan!" 

He tells Peter He was not being mindful of the things of God but the things of men.

Peter's response indicated he didn't think it was good for Jesus to suffer.  That wasn't the plans Peter had for this King.  

Sometimes we have to be careful with our words and what we say. Peter's words were all meaningful, and I think that often in trying to help someone that is suffering or going to be facing something really difficult, we want to sugar coat it with our words and of course we wouldn't want to believe that they would have to go through that.  But our well meaning words could be doing one of two things:

1. We could actually be turning someone from doing what God wants them to do

2. We could be giving them discouragement when they know what they need to face.  And instead of feeling supported they could feel alone

What if Peter had responded with, "Lord I will be praying for You."  Or "what can I do to help support You as You walk through this?"

Peter also missed key words at the end.  That Jesus would be raised again on the third day.  

Application with that is we need to be careful when The Lord is speaking to not miss out on the bigger picture that He is doing.  He had a life changing plan for the world.  Death was not the end, a huge miracle was about to follow the tragedy of His death.  We need to look through His eyes and search out His plans, not our own.  

Lord please be at work for the plans You have in our home.  And please watch over my words to not hinder something that You are doing in others lives, but keep me reminded of the importance of praying for those things instead.  And encouraging those that need it.  

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