Sunday, August 11, 2013

Matthew 18:18-20

Matthew 18:18-20

Whatever is bound on earth will be bound in heaven.  Whatever is loosed on earth will be loosed in heaven

Two of you in agreement on earth concerning anything asked, will be done by the Father in heaven.  

Where two or three are gathered in Jesus name together, He is there in their midst. 

Binding and releasing.  This is what I did a few weeks back binding up a bunch of sin and hard things I have been struggling with from situations and the past in my own life.  I bound it up and them I gave it to The Lord and He confirmed it with truth and love and forgiveness and taking all of it and carrying it away to the depths of the sea.  

Gathering two or three in His midst.  I think it is so powerful to go before The Lord in prayer with others in agreement of what is being prayed.  Very powerful.  Prayer is something you have to surrender to God's will in, and then as you do, the desires of your heart begin to align with the plans He has for you.  And when you are gathered together praying for those things with other people united together and under submission to the will of Jesus it becomes a beautiful thing.  Jesus is there in the midst of it.

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