Friday, August 2, 2013

Matthew 16:24-27

Matthew 16:24-27

To come after Jesus: 

Deny Himself
Take up the cross
Follow Jesus.

It seems backwards... those who desire to save your life lose it.  
When you lose your life for Jesus you will find it.  
What we get it exchange for our own soul:

Jesus comes in the glory of His Father and His Angels and will reward each according to His work.

I am learning a different side of living for Jesus right now.  It is a side for rest.  A side to not have to be doing, but learning to be with Him again.  It's. hard side to give up but it is time with my Lord that I am so blessed to have.  And it is an important season, slowly having His Spirit fill my soul once more, that I may have enough to give to my family.  And then give to what He puts in front of me and gives me permission to do.  

I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul.  Rest and beauty with Him, and then see what He has planned from there.  Being available and ready for Him to do His work in me to be a Mary.  


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