Friday, August 16, 2013

Surrendering to a Good God

Matthew 19:16-22

To have eternal life...

A young man of great wealth asks "Good Teacher what good things shall I do to have eternal life?"

Jesus asks why the man calls Jesus good.  He tells him no one but God is good.  

Jesus tells him he if he wants to enter in to life to keep his commandments.  

The man specifically asks which ones

Jesus lists off several from the 10 commandments.  

The man responds  "I have done all of those since I was young.  What else?"

Jesus says if you want to be perfect sell all you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven.  Come and follow me.  

The man turned away sad and went away.  He had great possessions.  

Often here in America people believe that if they are good enough they will be to heaven when they die.  They list off all the good things they have done, all the good rules they have kept.  Scouts honor.  
But here in this passage there is one biblical truth that stands out: only God is good.  Which means a part from God we cannot be good.  We all make mistakes and we all have sinned...  We want to be perfect but we can't be perfect.  Only God is perfect.  

The man cannot do gooder his way to heaven.  And Jesus knows his heart and knows what is of huge value in his life.  So when He asks him to give up what he holds dear, the man walks away sad.  

Jesus wants to be at the top of our priorities.  That's what giving Your life to Him and trusting and following Him means.  Surrender is a word that is hard.  And it is a word required in following Jesus.  It's not about what we want but about what He wants.  

People like the idea of God.  They like the idea of heaven.  But living their life right here and now, we want to be in control.  And when we are asked to give that up to follow Jesus... It brings up the question do we really trust Him?  Or do we just like the idea of Him and heaven?

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