Friday, August 30, 2013

invitation to the wedding feast

Matthew 22:1-14

A parable about heaven

It's like a King who plans a wedding for His son.  He sends out His servants to call those invited to the wedding.  

Those invited weren't wanting to come.
He sends them out again.
Shares that He has prepared a dinner for them.  The best of the best meal.  Everything is ready.  

Those invited make light of it.  They go their own ways.  
Others treated them spitefully and killed the servants.

This made the King furious.  

So He sent out His airs and destroyed the murderers and burned up their cities.  

Then He sends out His servants and says again: those who were invited were not worthy.  Go to the highways and invite as many as you can find.  Servants went out and found good and bad - the wedding was filled with guests.  

The king saw a man there who did not have wedding garments.  And he was sent away into the outer darkness.   

Many were called few were chosen.  

This is a good picture of God's heart.  He wants all of us to come to Him.  He invites everyone to His celebration - but some are too busy to come, not recognizing the honor and the privilege it is to be invited, and they don't make a big deal out of it.  Others don't like the invitation and kill the messengers.  
So He goes for those that long and ache for Him and those that will come and show their devotion to Him.  It really is a beautiful story of a redeemer, but it is sad for those who choose not to come.  

Application:  be Faithful to tell those around me about His invitation.  Be His servant.  Tell my children about this wedding feast.  Maybe even prepare a very special feast for them with all the fixings and share the story of God's love to them through this parable.  

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