Monday, August 5, 2013

Matthew 17:22-23

Matthew 17:22-23

Jesus once again is preparing His disciples for what was to come.  He is going to be taken and betrayed and killed on the third day, and then He will be raised up.  His disciples were extremely sorrowful.  

As I read, when the news of Jesus dying on the cross continues to bring deep sorrow and sadness.  But what seems to keep be getting missed in discussion is what is going to happen after.  Even when He does on the cross no one brings up being risen again.  And when He is risen again, it is shocking.  

One time in the prayer room at church someone spoke the words to me: just because something seems dead does not mean it is.  Our God is a God of Resurrection, bringing dead things to life.  A redeeming God, making things that seem to have no hope into beautiful things.  A Life Giving God, bringing dead things to life.  
Death of things is not the end, in Jesus it is the beginning.  
Yes we do sorrow over the things that have died, losses we have felt, even death of another person.  But after that grief comes the hope of new life.  Something that is about to be birthed from the sadness.  
Lord help me keep my eyes out for the beautiful things you are going to work at, instead of on the death.  May I not live in grief anymore but in the fullness of Your Resurrection and Your new life.  

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