Saturday, August 3, 2013

Matthew 16:28--17:13

Matthew 16:28-17:13

Jesus took Peter, James, and John up on a high mountain with Him 

By themselves.  

Then He was transfigured before them: 
His face shining like the sun, clothes became white as light.

He was glowing!

Then Moses and Elijah appear and start talking to Jesus.  Peter gets the great idea:  Lord let us build tabernacles for you and Moses and Elijah.  

God the Father silences the disciples and brings them to their faces:"This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.  Listen to Him!"

Jesus touches them and tells them to not be afraid and when they look up there is on one but Jesus.  

Jesus asks them to not tell anyone about this until after He rises from the dead.  

He also tells them the
Scribes did not listen to John the Baptist, and they are not listening to Him, and He is about to suffer at their hand.

Application:  today as I Sabbath, spend time alone with Him.  Go some place without interruption.  Allow Jesus to be with me - His Spirit in me.  

Jesus was glowing.  May His glow shine onto my face today.  

LISTEN to Him.  Fall on my face but do not be afraid.  Allow Him to speak truth in my life.  His truth to prepare me for each day.  

I think sometimes I can be like Peter, having the grand visions and great ideas to do and present to Him.  And God quiets Peter with words telling him to listen to His Son.  And the truth is still that today.  


1. Take time to be alone with Jesus
2. Be amazed at His transfiguration
3. Recognize that is what He is doing in my life
4. Instead of taking all my grandiose ideas and plans, stop and listen to Him and ask Him what He is saying.  
5. When I listen seek to understand.  
6. Do not be afraid.


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