Monday, August 26, 2013

Asking believing and receiving

Matthew 21:20-22

His disciples marvel at the fig tree withering away so soon.  
They ask Jesus how it happened so fast?

Jesus answer:  if you have faith you will see even bigger things than that.  You will be able to say to a mountain be removed and cast into the sea and it will be done.  

Point:  ask and what you ask for in prayer believing you will receive.  

This passage can bring up a lot of questions:  

Does this mean I can make God my vending machine and whatever number I push in it will be dispensed to me?  Or why when I ask God things so they not happen?  Or will I literally cast a mountain into the sea?  

I have prayed prayers many times and not seen immediate outcome.  It can begin to rock your faith if you have something you desperately want and ask God for and He doesn't do it.  

So how do we respond to this passage?  

I always go back to Psalm 37

Delight Yourself in The Lord
Commit Your plans to The Lord.
Trust also in Him. 
Feed on His faithfulness.
Rest and wait patiently for Him.  

Are my things I'm asking part of His desires?  I think the focus in this area always needs to start with checking to make sure our focus is to be delighting in Him, committing our plans to Him...  
I have found when we do this our heart desires can become more inline with what His plans are, and then the things we are asking are the things He wants to see happen too.  

And when we are praying and asking God's will, we will see amazing things happen.  

It starts with surrender.  And then following His lead in what we should be asking.  

So instead of putting our focus on the miracles we need to place our focus on Him and delighting in Him.  

And then when we are lead to ask Him something, do not doubt.  Ask in prayer, and believe you will receive.  

And when we do give all the glory to God.  And not on the fact that we asked, but the fact that He is faithful!

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