Monday, August 12, 2013

Forgiveness all the time

Matthew 18:21-35

Jesus' heart for us.  To forgive our brother every time.  To not keep account.  

He shows us forgiveness by taking all our life long struggles past present and future and doesn't list them all out pointing and accusing every little thing wrong that we did.  Instead He has compassion and wipes away our indebtedness completely.  Paid in full.  

But one thing He does not tolerate from us. Unforgiveness - us holding things against those that owe us something.  He calls us to show the same compassion and pity to our fellow brothers and sisters.  Even in our hearts.  It is to be worked through and be forgiven the same way He has forgiven.  

Sometimes easy to say but hard to fully live out.  

I struggled with it, in this way: yes I forgive you, but let me make sure you get the point across that you shouldn't treat me that way again.  So I will tell you in the next few days that you shouldn't so this or that... Just to be clear on it... Hmm... Not really how I am called to forgive.  And yet it's easy to do this to my husband and children...  I definitely need to change in this area...  

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