Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A bold request by a mom...

Matthew 20:18-28

A Jewish mother, comes and asks Jesus, as she kneels down, to please let her sons sit on the right and the left in His kingdom.  

This bold request is missing the point.  

Jesus He tells them they will drink His cup and be baptized with His baptism but as to who sits on either side of Him is not for Him to decide.  

It's not the main focus. 

This request riles up the other disciples.  Jesus intervenes with instruction.  

The goal is not lording over others or exercising control.  Not focusing on being first.

Greatness is about becoming a servant to those around you.  Jesus is about to give the greatest example of this.  He already has shown how He lived His life not to be served but to serve.  Now He is about to show them the greatest act in this by giving His life as a ransom for many.  

If I want to be like Jesus...

 Don't be self seeking out position.  It's not about position in what you are doing.  It's about what you are doing with His love for the people around you.  In that also be careful as a mom to allow my children to experience humbling opportunities and not always be looking to push them into the best position...

He was not seeking being ruler to all these people who questioned Him, or lording it over them.  He knew the drink He was about to drink, that He was about to be put to death by these people whom questioned Him... And He was going to let them do that.  

Such backward thinking to the world such forward thinking to the eternal kingdom God is preparing.  

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