Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Better to remain single?

Matthew 19:10-12

Disciples after hearing the laws of being married, make the announcement: if you shouldn't divorce your wife for any reason, then it's better to not marry. 

Jesus takes a spin around celibacy:  

There are only some who can accept not being married.  Those born that way from infancy, and those who were made eunuchs by men and those who made themselves this way for the kingdom of heavens sake.  

Says the men able to accept it let them accept it.  

It's okay to not be married...  But it talks later in 1 Corinthians about that it is better to marry than to burn with passion.  I think it's ironic that his disciples response is that if you can't divorce then it's better not to marry.  

Isn't that what people say today: why marry if you don't have a way out. But people instead choose to live together so they don't get stuck in a relationship that they can't get out of.  

Here's the thing: Both ways are not to be self serving.  Marrying your spouse and staying committed to them for life takes work. Not getting married and staying single for life takes work.  There is nothing wrong with either...  But living content and surrendered to what God has called you to.  Married or single.  That is the calling.  Not looking for easy way outs in either scenario.  And making the most of your days serving in the things He puts in front of you.  

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