Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reject or receive the Messenger?

Matthew 28:33-46

Jesus had a clear message.  And those indignant towards Him did not want to hear it.  

The message brought their sin and struggles to life.  And instead of owning up to where they had fallen, they became hard and would not could not see the truth.  

God had sent many messengers, prophets to Israel, to help them turn from their ways and come back to Him who loved them.  And so often Israel rejected them.  Often killing them.  Because they didn't like the message.  This time God sent His Son to Israel to give the message, and they once again didn't like His message.  And they are rejecting Him.  

God is going to take the kingdom from those that are rejecting it and going to give it to a nation who will bear fruit from it.  

Their response was they wanted to lay hands on Him but because of the multitudes they didn't.  

Isn't that how it is?  Someone comes with a message that convicts right to the core and the natural response is to reject it.  We don't want to hear it, we certainly don't want to change, so we choose to reject the message instead.  Or we can take it to the next level and come against the message giver.  Seek to bring harm to that person.  

That is the message of Jesus.  He does not compromise for anyone.  Either you are going to like what He says, or not.  You may wrestle with certain parts or You may accept them freely as truth.  He is unchanging.  

We have to choose when He brings light to things in our life that need to change, how will we respond?  Will we respond in humbleness and seeking Him to help us?  Or will we reject the message and go our own way and become hard to His truth?  

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