Monday, August 19, 2013

Vineyard owner provides for all his workers

Matthew 20:1-16

Jesus tells a parable about a man hiring workers for his vineyard.  He hires them throughout the day, finding people who are standing idle and putting them to work.  At the end of the work day he pays all of them what he promised.  Those that have worked longer than the others are upset at the injustice of them all getting the same pay, feeling it unfair the ones that worked less time are still the same as them.  

The owner of the vineyard points out there is no wrong that has been done.  He gave each of them what he promised.  

His points were: 

It was his land and his money to choose how to use.  

It was his choice to pay the last person the same as the first.  

He is good.  

The last will be first an the first will be 

Many are called - few are chosen.


We don't need to question God and how He chooses to do things.  He is good and if He chooses to bless someone we should not be complaining about what He has given us to do.  We look at our own "puzzle" He has placed in front of us.  Our own responsibilities and our own jobs to do. God is good and just and wants to bless all of His people.  

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