Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Matthew 17:14-27

Matthew 17:24-27

Jesus and Peter address the matter of the temple tax.  The temple tax was a tax to support those who were in the temple.  

Jesus and Peter discuss that technically it is not a tax they should pay, but they choose to not offend, and they pay what is requested.  

And the payment itself is a miracle, coming from the mouth of the first fish that comes up.  

I love this example of Jesus.  He pays something to not offend, even if maybe it's not something He should have to do.   He chooses the route of caring and being sensitive to them.  Why?  Because He loves them more than Himself.  

And I love how it is miraculously provided for Him and Peter.  

Sometimes doing the right thing can be hard but God will provide when we are seeking to do His will.  Maybe not in ways we think but He does provide.  

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