Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cleaning out the temple and praise perfected

Matthew 21:12-17

Jesus entered the temple of God and drove out all the money changers, all those who were buying and selling in the market, the seats of those who sold doves.  

How sad it must have made Jesus to witness His house being a place that people made into a den of thieves...  People taking advantage of God, using His name, His dwelling place to make money.  

He cleans out His temple, and then uses it for what it was meant for.  The blind and the lame come to Jesus in the temple and He heals them.  
And the children were crying out in the temple and praising Him.  

And the scribes were watching what He was doing and what the children were saying.  And they were indignant.
Jesus quotes scripture that out of the mouth of babes you perfect praise.  

Then on that thought He leaves then and goes into Bethany and lodges there.  


Our bodies are now the temple of His Holy Spirit.  What do we use them for?  Are they designed for praise and being a vessel that Jesus can use to minister to others?  Or are they a place that Jesus would have to clean out and drive out things that don't belong there?  

Also, I have been in grocery stores before where I was doing something God laid on my heart for someone in need and you know what I witnessed?  At the time my then two year old girls in unison swaying back and forth in the carts singing Jesus loves me quite loudly.  It is so true... My little children unaware of the cultural norms praise Jesus.  Praise perfected.  It was beautiful to watch I will never forget it. 

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