Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Matthew 13:34-35

Mathews 13:34-35

Jesus only spoke to the multitudes with parables
This was fulfilling a prophecy in Psalm 78:3 I will open my mouth in parables and utter dark sayings of old

Jesus is uttering things kept secret from the foundation of the world

I want to focus personal application on a few more verses in psalm 78.  I will list them below for personal application to me:

Give ear to Jesus' Word, to His law.  
Incline my ear to the words of His mouth.

Do not hide these things from my children.  
Tell my children, part of the generation to come of His praises and His strength and wonderful work that He has done.  

I need to praise what He has done.  And tell my children of that.  Maybe even speak in parables of those things to them.  Like the Ava princess story.  

Your daughter always

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