Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Matthew 13:36-43

Matthew 13:36-43

Jesus reveals the parable of the tares of the field to His disciples after He sent the multitude away.  

The man who sows the good seed in the field: Son of Man - Jesus

The field: the world

Good seeds: sons of the kingdom

Tares: sons of the wicked one

The enemy who sowed them: the devil

The harvest: end Of this age

The reapers: the Angels

At the end the angels are going to sort between the tares and the good seed

The tares:  gathered and burned up in the fire, those that offend and practice lawlessness, cast in the furnace of fire:  wailing and gnashing of teeth

The good seed: righteous shining forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father

Conclusion:  those who have ears listen!

Celebrate being in His kingdom...  
Also I don't need to concentrate on who are the tares vs who is the wheat.  That's not my judgement call to make.  Christ knows the heart and He will send His angels out at the end to separate them out.  My job is to love those around me and point them to His truth.  And pray for those that need Him.  He has given me so much opportunity to love.  Thank You for that.  And thank You for Your truth and Your Spirit.  

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