Sunday, July 7, 2013

Matthew 12:38-42

Matthew 12:38-42
After all that Jesus said, and even after Jesus had just healed a man's withered hand and healed one who was demon possessed blind and mute, this is the scribes and Pharisees response:

"We want to see a sign from you."

Really??  Hadn't they seen numerous signs?  Were they so blinded by their rules they had added that the miracles that Jesus had done weren't enough for them?  

Jesus responds with He will only give them one sign.  
The sign of the prophet Jonah

Three days and three nights Jesus will be in the heart of the earth
The men of Nineveh repented at the preaching.  Greater than Jonah is here:  Jesus 
Greater than Solomon is here:  Jesus and Jesus is wisdom


Sometimes in my own life I get so discouraged and longing to see more works done and things completed healed fulfilled.  My heart gets achy from praying for things and not seeing answers right away,  or seeing things go the opposite way of how I hoped and prayed.  One of the hardest things for me is that I can't change the choice of man. It breaks my heart :(. But I can keep praying for them.  It is so sad to see people I love choose to turn their back on Christ and miss out on living the most fulfilling life because of fear resentment unforgiveness bitterness rebellion whatever is at the root of their choice.  

This world does not operate in the ways I long to see.  This world is fallen and messed up and filled with sin and mistakes, including my own.  However, there are moments and opportunities that God's will is done on earth, because we as believers had the opportunity to do that things He asked us to do.  And in those moments there is joy and peace.  I need to remember for myself to make the moments of each day last for that eternal purpose and not miss out on what His will is for me today, nor get discouraged.  
Discouragement and depression are my soul's greatest stumblings and enemies.  
Lord help me remember Your amazing works You have done in my life:  
My marriage.  Healing of the brokenness in my marriage.  Every one of my children.  Giving our remaining embryos to Paul and Rachel and seeing them become parents to two little boys. Daily bread clothing and shelter.  Being a part of an amazing church and watching Your plant grow.  
Watching  the work You are doing in my children.  Help me not miss out in what You are doing right in front of me.  I love You.  
And even the amazing work of the cross in my own life.  Help me never forget that.  

I love You. 

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