Saturday, July 6, 2013

Matthew 12:33-37

Matthew 12:33-37

Continuing to point back to the accusations the Pharisees made, Jesus shares that if a tree is good it's going to make good fruit and if a tree is bad it's going to make bad fruit.  

Jesus is producing good fruit

Next point: 

Out of what is abundant in the heart the mouth speaks.  
If a man has good treasure in His heart good things will come from it
If a man has evil man has evil treasure stores up then evil will proceed from your mouth. 

The words we say either justify or condemn us, and what is actually going on inside of our hearts

Jesus is speaking good things revealing the good in His heart

Jesus actions and words reveal who He is.  


What are my actions and words revealing.  Especially to my children.  But to the whole world as well.

Lord may my words and actions reflect You!  :). I love you Lord. 

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