Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Matthew 12:9-14

Matthew 12:9-14

Crazy:  Jesus heals a man on the sabbath from his hand being withered:  

Pharisees response:  plotted about how they could destroy Jesus.  

Instead of celebrating the miracle the response is judgement over what God has done.  Over their rules they added about the sabbath verses what the Bible has said.  

Point:  Jesus knew the heart behind the sabbath was to be life giving.  And He reaches out to a man who needed a life giving touch and restored His hand

How can I apply this?  
When I take a sabbath: 
To restore myself with God, to be able to reach out to those around me again and give and breath His life to refresh them.
Please Lord help me know how to implement sabbath rest into my home an my families life.  

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