Sunday, July 28, 2013

Matthew 15:32-38

Matthew 15:32-38

Jesus feeds a multitude 7 loaves of bread and two fish.  

How, he breaks what He have and gives it to His disciples to share and the disciples give it to multitudes. In the end everyone (4000 men plus women and children) ate and was filled and there were seven large baskets full of the remaining fragments. 

Then he sent the multitude away and left in a boat for another region. 

Jesus had compassion.  Jesus wanted people to be filled nourished cared for, did not want people to leave without being filled.  

His disciples question:  how will we find enough bread to feed everyone with the circumstances of being in a wilderness, a ton of people, and very little resources.  

Jesus doesn't scold them or shame them reminding them of what He already did before.  He asks them what they have.  And then He uses it and puts them to work.  

Application:  Jesus is so patient.  Even though He has done miracles over our lives, He doesn't slam it over our heads asking us why don't we get it?  Or say because of your doubt I won't do anymore miracles.  
He works with what they have and turns it into another beautiful miracle of Provision.  The points to remember is that He is the one that did the work with what his disciples had.  It's not our job to make the miracle, it's our job to take the miracle and share it with others.  The food Jesus gave to his disciples to share filled all who were there.  All the people were out seeking Jesus.  
How do I do this in my own life?  Be ready to share what He has given me, as little or as much as it seems don't belittle it and not use it.  
Thank You Lord for being so compassionate and gracious to me.  Please take the little and multiply it into Your big :). 
I love You.  

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